'MADGE’ Advent Dog on 16th December 2021
'MADGE’ Advent Dog on 16th December 2021

'MADGE’ Advent Dog on 16th December 2021

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An original ‘Tiny Dog’ miniature painting released on the sixteenth day of Advent, December 2021. Oil on board, framed in an ornate gold frame measuring 30 (h) x 34 (w) x 7 (d) mm.

“I made my first miniature paintings for a dolls house project this year, to lend it a sort of grandeur, and the Tiny Dog portraits soon followed. They are heavily and deliberately framed like priceless heirlooms, presenting as mini ancestral portraits with expressive eyes that reveal and mirror the more relatable parts of their human viewer’s disposition. My intention has always been to inspire good humour, recognition and empathy. Ever mindful that I live in a London bubble, the Tiny Dogs were my response to having to work against the backdrop of an ongoing global pandemic, political and geographical conflict and impending climactic change - enough to challenge the sanity of any artist! I remain a seeker of visual balance and truth and, as the recent owner of a beautiful rescue greyhound, I find myself focusing on what I know to be both diverting and grounding.”

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