A Pack of Bunnies, 2019
A Pack of Bunnies, 2019

A Pack of Bunnies, 2019

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Gouache on 54 sheets of A7 cotton rag paper

Each sheet approx. 5.5 x 8 cm

Mounted on conservation board

White glazed box frame

Framed dimensions 64.5 (h) x 68 (w) x 4 (d) cm


Made for British fashion designer Paul Smith's flagship London store on Albemarle Street, A Pack of Bunnies was hung alongside a number of other works by artist Holly Frean in an exhibition in 2019 entitled Objects, Art and Curiosties. The bunnies refer to the rabbit figurines that Paul's wife Pauline has always given him as a good luck talisman before every fashion show.


The heads of 54 bunnies are fluidly painted in gouache onto handmade papers, float mounted and arranged in a grid, framed in a white box frame. The number 54 refers to a deck of cards - with 52 playing cards and two jokers in the pack. One of an extended series of grid works, this is typical of the way Frean has worked over the past decade as she continues to use this format to examine, explore and understand her subject matter in this way. The overall effect is gentle, soft and feminine whilst also animated and whimsical.